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Administrative Block

The RTTC Mysore has an administrative / technical building of 10,400 sq.mtrs. in area, where all its administrative offices, class rooms and laboratories are located. There are 3 faculties i.e Switching, Transmission, Computer supported by programming and administrative sections. Each faculty is presently headed by a Divisional Engineer. There are 21 class rooms for handling lecture sessions of which 14 are fully equipped with table , chair, white boards, overhead projectors, etc. There are seven High-tech class rooms with  multimedia computer and  LCD projectors

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A wide variety of Telecommunication equipment are installed in the training centre required for covering most of the topics of induction and refresher courses. The equipment installed are  CDOT 256 port, CDOT SBM, SBM MBM, Broad Band, MLLN, SDH and etc,. Four well equipped computer labs with a wide variety of software. Microwave systems of 2 GC 13 GC, 34 MB and 140 MB OFC systems, ISDN, SDH, GSM etc.,

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The examination hall is big enough to accommodate 120 trainees at a time with individual furnitures and other facilities.The auditorium room is equally big in size to accommodate an audience of more than 300, with a stage arrangement including audiovisual facilities to conduct various cultural / official functions.

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Hostel Block

There are two hostels in the campus.  Both the hostels have computer with internet.

Campus: The Campus is beautiful with variety of vegatations and  rose garden. A cricket ground, badmiton. etc will definetly please sport lovers

Hostel1:Has 70 rooms having 3 beds in each room. Around 210 trainees are accommodated in the hostel. Multigym is an added healthcare feature to the trainees.

Hostel 2: Has 27 rooms of 3 beds and 24 rooms of 2 two beds with a total accommodation capacity of 129   The hostel mess is run on contract basis. The required infrastruture is provided by the RTTC. These include, a dining hall with 100 chairs,  a well equipped kitchen with steam cookers, 2 Sets Steam Boiler of 25 Kg capacity, 180 Capacity Idli plant, a Cooking platform with 3 burners etc. Hotwater is supplied through a Solar heater of 2000 Litre capacity. Recreation facilities like reading room, Indoor and outdoor sports are provided. Yoga classes are being conducted everyday through a qualified Yoga instructor.

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Welfare / Recreation

Facility for indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess, Chinese checker, etc. and a reading room, TV room are available in the hostel. Facilities for outdoor games like badminton, cricket, volley ball,  Tennis, etc. are also available and trainees are encouraged to take part in the various games. A library is available in the recreation club with 2540 books in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil.

About 4 cultural functions including sporting events are organized by the training centre annually. These cultural/sports events are organized on occasions such as The foundation day/Republic Day, Hostel Day, Independence Day and Rajyotsava Day. The trainees are encouraged to participate in the events which provides an opportunity for the trainees to exhibit their talents and develop better attitude, team spirit etc.

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Inspection Quarters

7 nos. of well furnished Air Conditioned  IQs with colour TV and phone are available in the RTTC premises.

for booking contact Senior Principal RTTC at 0821-2543700

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